Anti War

Welcome to my favorite category!  I support the war on war.  These alluring shirts are not simply "anti war."  Being "anti" anything is shortsighted.  That's like living your life in response to one of life's many stimuli.  How can you BE your true self if you are projecting a defense mechanism?

So, we are not simply "anti war."  Perhaps surprisingly, we are not "pro peace" either.  These captivating shirts should not simply be seen as peace-loving.  Peace is boring.  Think about it.  

Wars are active and people want them to end.  Peace is seen as passive by many.  At UrbanMist, we don't simply want peace or war.  We want to see global cooperation!  These captivating graphic tees focus on 2 areas: 

1.  The interconnectedness between humans & the amazing accomplishments that we can achieve if we stop competing & start cooperating towards common goals.

2.  Wars are not practical or sustainable.  These shirts make fun of the choices that lead to war.  Simply put, wars are dumb.

As little kids, we're taught that fighting is never the answer.  Yet, our leaders choose fighting as a way of resolving their differences.  Wars don't lead to resolution.  They sow the seeds of resentment for the next conflict.

So, we are lying to our children.  We tell them not to fight while we create weapons of mass annihilation. 

Wars is a choice.  Communication is a choice also.  Let's work towards cooperating and stop competing.  I hope you enjoy this line of cute t shirts.  Support the war on war.  

A tree planted with every purchase!