Wanna be my husband?  I'm straight too.  What I'm proposing is bros before hoes for life.

I'm so straight that I'm willing to marry another guy.  I'm so straight that I won't allow this bromance to end.

If you're a foreign bro....no problem.  I'm so straight that I'll marry you so that you may stay in the country.

We can also kiss.  But, that is just to practice for the chicks.  

We'd usually do guy stuff together.  We'll fix cars, smoke cigarettes and play hockey.  

Do you feel where I'm coming from?  Are you that straight?

Are you so straight that you would marry another guy. 

We could watch boxing and talk about chicks.  I will make fancy dinners nightly.

Sometimes, I'll wanna play a game where we pretend like we're in prison.   Lets just get weird dude.  Feel free

We both know that we're straight.  If something happens, it's chill.  We 're still boys!

We're obviously not gay or bi because we both love chicks.  I'm not sure where I'm gong with this.

I just really love bowling with you and being pals.  I also love the shape of the back of your legs. 

Look dude, let's just kiss and get weird.  It's not gay if we are doing it to practice for hot bitch kissing.






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