Stop Cyber Bully.  End Cyber Bully.  Bullies are all over the news lately.  I'm glad that bullies are in the news.

Bullies have been getting away with things for too long.  It's time that we bully bullies!

Bullying is not cool in real life or online.  People commit suicide over online bullying.  

The grammar is not perfect on this shirt.  Don't think that I'm bullying people from Asia.

I love cute mistakes.  I truly appreciate Chinglish.  Unfamiliar with the term Chinglish?  Here are some examples.

We make incorrect English t shirts on purpose.  Click on any of the styles to the right & see how it looks in real life!

Consider ordering an organic style.  We were one of the first funny t shirt sites to offer organic styles.  

Cyber Bullies like to hide behind their social networks.  Let's see them hide from the message that's printed on this t shirt.

Cyber Bullies are Jerks!  Stop Cyber Bully!  End Cyber Bully!



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