This is a shirt design for the Pro Peace lover or anyone that loves a good parody. The design says "Start Campfires not Wars". 

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Since Camp fires are preferable to wars we would like to provide you with the following information on how to start your campfire so that you can be nice and warm while you are wearing your new shirt.

Campfires are so much fun!  One of my least favorite things is when people play music during campfires.  

Want to know how to make a kick butt push tushy campfire?

STEP 1: Gather Your Tools Dude

There's a bit more to building a great campfire than simply placing a few logs in a heap and tossing on a match. Here's the stuff you'll need.

Get tinder!!! (not the app)

Be creative when it comes to tinder. Tinder is basically anything that goes on fire super quick.  Lint from a laundry dryer works. I prefer to use organic stuff like wood shavings.  Be creative!

Kindling— Usually small branches or twigs.  Don't break your fingers off and use them for kindling.  Use small branches.  You'll need your fingers to make the fire.

Gorgeous Firewood—the crown of a captivating campfire.  Dude, it's important that your firewood is completely dry.  It's way easier to light the fire and it's  less smoky.  

A$$hole:  DON'T BREAK BRANCHES off trees for firewood. If everyone did this there wouldn't be any forests left.  Buy firewood or use fallen limbs (if allowed)

Find a vintage lighter - You need to do this in style.  

STEP 2: Dude build the Fire already!

You have to build the house before you burn it down.

First, shovel out the old ash if it's a fire pit.

Dawg, you're gonna have to dig up the grass and vegetation within 10 feet of you.  Keep the grass though and replant it somewhere.  Treat Gaiia kindly and replant the grass.  

Shovel dirt around you and dig up the grass. Save the dirt as a firewall.  Also save it in case you need to shovel dirt on the fire.

Next, at the center of the fire ring, lay a bed of tinder  perhaps a foot in diameter. (Remember, tinder is the really light, quick burning material.) 

1. The classic Teepee shaped Fire: Make a big fun teepee!

 Begin by sticking a long piece of kindling into the ground above your tinder at about a 30-degree angle, with the other end of the stick pointing into the f*cking wind. Then lean smaller pieces of kindling against both sides of the longer piece to build a tent. When the kindling catches on fire... add more.

3. The Cross Fire: Look it up

4. The Log Cabin Fire: Figure it out

STEP 3: Light the Fire

Chill out and light the fire. Don't be stupid.  Keep kids and animals away from the fire.  Dude, light the tinder already from as many sides as possible.  

Lighting the tinder from different points make fun hot stuff happen (from a scientific perspective.)

Lighting tinder from different angles is what we call striking points!

There is no "we."  I call them striking points.

Don't use gasoline or anything stupid!!

Once your campfire is established, feed it with additional wood as needed, taking care not to build the flames too high. Be sure to keep your fire extinguishing tools nearby, and never leave a fire unattended, even for a moment.


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