Please No Paparazzi.  They are everywhere I go.  It's so frustrating!

They swarm me on The Red Carpet.  That's ok but they follow me to the mall and when I'm on errands.

Please...we have lives too.  Just because I'm a beautiful celebrity doesn't mean that I want to be followed 25/7.

I didn't sign up for this.  Don't worry about who I'm shopping for.  Don't ask me about my baby bump!

You guys are so irritating.  Would you like it if I followed you around all day?

You probably would.  That's because I'm the one that's famous.

You'd probably snap photos all day.  You make your living off of people like me.  What would you do if celebrities didn't exist.

You probably take pictures of birds and be cool.  At the moment, you are a culture vulture.

Stop stalking me or I will call my celebrity attorney.

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