This is a shirt for anyone opposed to factory farming of chickens and other animals. 10 cent wings = factory farmingThe truth hurts.

I know that you don't want to think about the harsh truth and you would rather focus on how yummy the buffalo sauce tastes.

Well, I am here to remind you that next time you are eating your 10 cent wings, just remember that suffering was part of the chickens life.  

Would you like it if chickens invented "buffalo humans?"  I would rather pay 65 cents per wing and not support animal cruelty.

Football consuming basic bros are the biggest culprit.  They wear football jerseys, eat meat and yell at a screen while drinking beer. (Click here for another version of this slogan)

People with hearts are taking over.  The days of basic bros and agro makers are over.

This truth telling shirt is available in a variety of styles....including organics.  Click on any t shirt style and it will generate a preview of your design on a shirt.

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